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Sea Change - Chardonnay - 75cl

Sea Change - Chardonnay - 75cl

Sea Change Chardonnay 2021

IGP Salento, Puglia, Italy


Imagine in your mind’s eye, a picture of Puglia. Situated in the heel of Italy’s boot, it’s a landscape framed by the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic and constantly bathed in sunshine (except on our last visit!). Rich in culture and culinary delights, it is no wonder that Sea Change Chardonnay is bursting full of flavour and charisma. Not a 90’s style ‘over-oaked’ Chardonnay in any sense, but a modern take on a true classic that we think should be appealing to all.


Tasting Notes

Lemon, lime and citrus zest are all front of mind for us whilst enjoying Sea Change Chardonnay, along with the fact that it’s wonderfully rounded and easy drinking. It is a dry white wine we’d definitely describe as ‘fruit-forward’, whilst also benefiting from a well-balanced structure, mouth-watering crispness and a soft, delicious finish.


Food Pairings

We think Sea Change Chardonnay is the perfect partner for light starters and appetisers as well as being great on its own as an aperitif. However, it really comes into its own when paired with creamy seafood dishes or vegetable stir-fry - ideally enjoyed with a sea view.


When to drink

It’s best enjoyed when youthful and fresh and always lightly chilled.

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