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Sea Change - Negroamaro - 75cl

Sea Change - Negroamaro - 75cl

Sea Change Negroamaro 2021


IGP Salento, Puglia, Italy


From the imposing Apennine Mountains to the sparkling waters of the Ionian Sea, Puglia is a wonderfully diverse and rich landscape located in the south-eastern corner of Italy. During our travels we have fallen in love with the vibrant flavours and Southern Italian charm that radiate from every part of this varied region. We want to let you in on a bit of a secret, Negroamaro is a fantastic regional red grape variety (you probably haven’t heard of it), but let us reassure you it’s a real favourite of the local ‘Pugliesi’ and ourselves alike. Undoubtedly over-delivering on quality, this award-winning wine offers the perfect balance between a fruit led Merlot and an intense flavoursome Malbec. 


Tasting Notes 

Sea Change Negroamaro is bursting with red fruit and sunshine, and we think it really ticks all the boxes, especially with its velvety mouthfeel. Medium bodied with soft tannins, the initial burst of bright fruit is followed by a smooth, lingering finish. A real crowd pleaser.


Country: Italy

Region: Puglia

Grape: Negroamaro

Suitable for: Vegetarian & Vegan

ABV: 12%

Vintage: 2021


Food Pairings

We recommend this wine as an accompaniment to any Italian dish, like a wholesome tomato-based pasta or crispy stonebaked pizza – both taste great alongside a glass of Sea Change Negroamaro.


When to drink

Best consumed when youthful and fresh, at room temperature or just below.


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