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Smoked Chilli Harissa Paste - Belazu - 130g

Smoked Chilli Harissa Paste - Belazu - 130g

Belazu Smoked Chilli Harissa 130g


A variation on our award winning rose harissa with chipotle chilli, balsamic vinegar cayenne and cumin powder.


Aromatic spices with smokey chipotle pepper has a slightly sweet edge from the balsamic vinegar.

Rapeseed oil, water, fried diced onion (onions, sunflower oil), balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI (wine vinegar (sulphites), cooked grape must) SO2 <10ppm, smoked paprika flakes, smoked chipotle chilli flakes, Master Spice mix (dried garlic, chilli,cumin, onion powder (dehydrated onion, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide), coriander, cinnamon powder, sumach, caraway seeds, turmeric powder, fennel seeds, black pepper, ground cloves )),muscovado sugar (sugar cane, cane molasses, colour: caramel),Pepper Paste (red pepper, salt, lemon juice), paprika, sea salt, cayenne and paprika mix (paprika, chilli), smoked paprika, garlic puree, acidity regulator: citric acid. colour: paprika extract, rose essence flavouring


Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 2 weeks.

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