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About Us

Fantastic – No Plastic is here to help the people of Sale and the surrounding areas to shop sustainably, both at no added cost to the Earth and at prices that do not cost the Earth! we offer a plastic-free alternative to the over packaged items typically found in supermarkets.

We stock all your cupboard staples including rice, pasta, couscous, lentils, dried fruits, nuts, amazing toiletries, ingredients for your morning brew and everything you need for laundry and cleaning. All package free but convenient to buy.

Stored in easy-to-use dispensers and jars, customers are encouraged to bring in their empty containers, fill them with as little or as much as they like before they are weighed again and paid for at the till, each time reducing the amount of single-use plastic on the planet.

Each piece of plastic that has ever been produced can take between 450 and 1000 years to decompose. These pieces of plastic then become a scourge to wildlife, our environment, and our own food chain.


Big changes start with small choices and we want to make it easy for everyone to make sustainable choices that support our environment and local British businesses.

Zero Waste Shop


Varieties of Grain

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Zero Waste Store?

Zero Waste Stores are based on a set of principles focused on waste prevention that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused. The goal is for no rubbish to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. This is achieved by offering a package free shopping environment; meaning customers should bring their own reusable containers or they can purchase any available containers we have in store. This results in everyone only buying what they need; reducing food waste and packaged waste

2. Do I have to use glass jars?

We do of course welcome glass jars and will sell them, but we want you to bring *any* container you like! Tupperware, ice cream tubs, boxes, paper bags... whatever you like.

3. Can I bring plastic containers to refill?

Yes, of course we are trying to reduce plastics, that's the point, but we are focusing on single use plastic. It is fine for you to bring old takeaway containers, plastic tubs, cups etc. If you are reusing them they are no longer single use and do not end up in landfill!

4. Do you have to fill your container to the top?

No, you can buy as much or little as you like. If your recipe calls for a pinch of salt, come and grab a teeny paper bag and pop a teaspoon in. Fill your jar halfway with that random new grain you've not tried before.

It's your shopping, your choice!

5. What happens if I do not have my reusable packaging with me?

Don't worry we offer a range of  recycled paper bags and donated packaging in store for you to use free of charge.

6. Do you cater for allergies and intolerances? 

Yes, we have several gluten free and dairy free products. Please be aware that due to being a refill store, we cannot 100% guarantee that there has been no cross contamination between products. 

7. Is your store more expensive that shopping in Supermarkets?

Packaging on average adds 15% to your shopping bill, reusing & refilling means only paying once for your packaging.

We are able to offer competitive pricing because we buy in bulk. You can also buy products in the quantities that you need rather than the pre-determined and pre-packaged sizes available in supermarkets. 

8. Will I be judged for not being zero waste enough?

Guess what? Anything you do to change your habits and help the planet is good by us! We don't care if you've just started on your journey or have been zero waste for years. Everyone is welcome and will be treated with respect.

How it Works

How it Works


Jar on scales.jpg

Place your empty container on the scales and receive a printed barcode of the weight. This will be deducted at the end to ensure you do not pay for the weight of the container.


Full jar.JPG

Take your containers and fill them with as much or as little of whatever you fancy from the store.


Full jar on scales.jpg

Once you have filled your container return to the scales and scan the barcode printed earlier. Next re-weigh the full container to get a price for the amount filled.


Paying at the Store

Next head over to the till to pay for your goods. Do not worry if you are not sure about anything our friendly team will be on hand to give a helping hand. 

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