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M20 Refills & The Refill Round Customers

Hello and welcome to Fantastic - No Plastic. We are really excited to have been able to expand our delivery service to include all of you.

We are really looking forward to delivering to you and helping you continue on your plastic free journey.

The good news is that your deliveries will work in virtually the same way. You will place your order and pay online, we will send an email confirming we have received your order and as soon as your delivery is booked in we will let you know what day this is going to be. On the day of your delivery leave your empty bottles outside and we will drop off the full ones and take away your empties. The only thing that may change is your delivery day but we are working on keeping it as easy as possible.

We will deliver to The Refill Round customers on Wednesdays & and M20 Refills customers on Thursdays.

If you have already paid a bottle deposit to M20 Refills or The Refill Round there is no need to pay again we are honoring all deposits and will just keep exchanging the bottles as long as you want us to. 

We are also offering you free delivery on your first order with us just enter the code FIRSTORDER at the checkout and it will deduct any delivery charges.

We are sure you all have a few questions so we have put together a frequently asked questions section below which hopefully covers everything but if there is something we have missed please do drop us an email using the link below, we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are Fantastic - No Plastic?

Fantastic - No Plastic are an independently owned zero waste store based in Sale. The shop has been open for nearly two years and has an established customer base in store shopping and have recently expanded to offer home delivery.

Do we need to pay another bottle deposit?

No, if you have already paid a deposit to either M20 Refills or The Refill round we have agreed to honor all deposits and will keep excahnging the bottles for as long as you want them to, Just leave them out as normal on your delivery day. 

Do you stock the same products as M20 and Refill Round?

We do and much more. We have over 1500 different lines available in store and are working hard to get all these online. Being a physical shop allows us to hold a wider range of products so you should be able to find all the dried goods you need along side your cleaning products and personal care products. 

Do you stock the same brands as M20 and Refill Round?

This is the main difference you will see as we do not use the same brands especially for our liquid refills. We use a company called Fill Refill for our cleaning products and Faith in Nature for personal care products. Both are super ethical, have no added nasties and do not test on animals. 

Will my delivery day be the same?

We deliver on Wednesdays & Thursdays so your delivery day might change but we let you know as soon as possible when your delivery will take place. If you cannot receive your delivery on a particular day please let us know and we will change it. We do have some capacity for deliveries on other days so please get in touch if you need your delivery on a particular day or a more urgent delivery and we will see what we can do.

Do you deliver food?

Yes, all of our food products are listed in the website store and are all available for delivery. We hold all of our stock in store and have over 200 refillable dry good products from pasta to dried fruits, nuts and rice. We also hold a selection of pre - packaged goods such as jams, juices and chocolate. 

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