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Freddies Farm Fruit Snacks
  • Freddies Farm Fruit Snacks

    Freddies Farm Fruit Shapes - 20g bag


    Freddie's farm snacks are delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly children's snacks.


    We always start with fresh fruit and veg, never purees or concentrates like other snacks out there. Our patented process helps to keep free sugars lower than our competitors, meaning no sugar highs and crashes! #winning


    Freddie's farm is challenging and changing the children's snacking market. Freddie's farm snacks are made using only 100% real fruit and veg grown on our very own farm in the garden of england.....kent.


    Our apple based snacks contain at least 10% real veg as well, made up from spinach, beetroot and carrot. We then add the real raspberry and blueberry to these flavours. By only using ingredients grown on our own farm this ensures an incredibly low carbon footprint. But we haven’t stopped there...freddie’s farm snacks are the only children’s snacking brand to have 100% plastic free packaging.

    Raspberry variety contains ambrosial apple, rich ripe raspberry, and a magnificent mix of beetroot, carrot and spinach.

    Apple variety contains  crisp refreshing apple and a mouth-watering mix of beetroot, carrot and spinach.

    Blueberry variety contains ripe delicious apple, bountiful blueberry and a mesmerising mix of beetroot, carrot and spinach.

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