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O'Donnell Moonshine - Tough Nut

O'Donnell Moonshine - Tough Nut

Tough Nut - The hazelnut liqueur from O’Donnell Moonshine - 700ml. 25% ABV


Tough Nut is our unique hazelnut liquor crafted from authentic high-proof Moonshine spirit fused with the flavour of hazelnuts, smooth caramel and velvety nougat complemented by a dash of barrel-aged whiskey.


Perfect for a variety of recipes and cocktails, our Tough Nut is great to enjoy neat over ice or can be used to give a Moonshine twist on classic drinks like a 'White Russian' or a nut infused ‘Espresso Martini’.


Bottled in traditional Mason Jars, we promise a unique drinking experience.


  • Natural flavours only | gluten & allergen free | vegan

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