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Scrapples - Apple Crisps
  • Scrapples - Apple Crisps

    Apple Crisps - 12g bag


    These healthy kids apple crisps come in three naturally fruity flavours, Plain Apple, Apple & Mango and Apple & Strawberry.

    Scrapples are School Approved at under 50 calories per pack and taste apple-solutely delicious - making them the ultimate crunchy lunchbox treat.


    • 1 of your child’s 5-a-day and with no added sugar, salt, fat or oil.
    • 100% whole fruit, with no added sugar, salt, fat or palm oil.
    • All natural ingredients, with all the goodness and nutritional benefits of fresh whole fruit, without the mess.
    • High fibre, whole fruit, vegan snacks will contribute to your child's balanced diet. As an alternative to a fresh portion of fruit and/or a healthy alternative to crisps, sweets or processed fruit snacks.
    • Scrapples are also gluten free, dairy free, nut free and vegan friendly.
    • We use whole wonky fruit to help tackle and raise awareness of food waste. It might be rejected for being the wrong, shape, size or colour but we guarantee it will taste amazing and retain more nutritional benefits than processed fruit.


    Ingredients: 100% Apple

    Apple & Mango

    Ingredients: Apple (99%), Mango juice concentrate (1%), Natural aroma

    Apple & Strawberry

    Ingredients: Apple (99%), Strawberry juice concentrate (1%), Dried strawberry juice concentrate

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